Im back home, to thunder bay

I achieved a lot in Winnipeg, I made plenty of new riffs, improved a noticeable amount on my picking, and met lots of new friends and have become a new person for sure.

I feel like I am more in tact now, and I feel like I can do anything that I want to on my own. I guess in another way of putting it I’ve become more an individual, and less dependent on someone else guidance.

As the bus pulled up to the greyhound station in Thunder Bay I made a pact;
1) I will continue to go through my set every day, and go through rough patches slowly

2) I will record EVERY ONE of my songs every day
3)I will think of one creative promotional Idea each day
4) I will start recording in a journal again like I did once before.
5)Make sure I meet new people online everyday and think of things to post
6)start my E.P and begin recording and promoting other friends’ music.

I got invited to play a two week tour this new years. They are heading to Toronto.

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A little talking, with a little recording at the end.

yup 🙂 coming home soon. made this song on the john today. Can’t wait to get home and use the proper video editing software.

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spongebob square pants and some swear words

todays a nice day. a day of sitting around doing things.. hoping everyone leaves so I can say scream a bunch of swear words into a microphone to some metal music… of course till then ill just sip on my tea and jam out to some sponge bob square pants.

I recorded a video of my adventure to the Rose & Bee bar in Winnipeg. I’ll probably post that sometime 🙂 t’was a good evening 🙂

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I have been blogging all over and hoping meeting new people. My new friend from set me up with an article!!

I’ve got some coverage on my music on the internet! it’s an absolutely wonderful feeling!!

Here is the link to the article 🙂

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Hey guys!! I’m Noles, and this is my music page!


I like writing music and adventuring.. Generally I just go adventure and then write music about it
SO! this will be my new page, to keep myself inspired. This page is linked to two of my other pages;
1. My personal Journal
2. My new music blog for local musicians.
(you can get to these by the links on the top right)
Here are some of my tunes,

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